Broken Cables

You might think of broken cables and garage door cables as just one more of the many different components of your garage door system. But you also have to realize that it’s actually one of the most important ones and therefore you simply can’t overlook it.

What exactly is the garage door cable system? It’s actually a system of wires that makes up a single wire and it serves as the attachment between the door and the torsion springs. The cable is instrumental in helping keep the balance of your garage door, whether it’s being used or not.

If there is any problem with your garage door cable, it’s time for you to start looking for a  garage door contractor that understands what to do with a broken garage door cable system. As it happens, that’s one of the services that we offer at Acclaim Garage Doors – so you can come to us for help if ever you have a similar problem.
When Do You Need Garage Door Cable Repair?

Garage door cables need to be lubricated consistently so they will always be in tip-top shape. If you’re unable to do it regularly, then the cable could be subjected to wear and tear earlier than usual. When that happens, then you might have no other choice but to hire a garage door contractor to service your cable.

It’s crucial that you are aware of the signs that your garage door cable is already in need of repair or replacement. Be on the lookout for the following signs to know if it’s time to call us for garage door cable services:


Once you start noticing one or even more of these signs, then it’s time to call us for assistance. It’s better to act fast and make sure that your garage door cable is properly repaired or replaced if needed. Our team at Acclaim Garage Doors is here to provide you with the expert assistance and guidance that you require.

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We had a wonderful experience with Acclaim Garage Doors. Michael the owner was on time and super fast and very reasonable. No hidden charges and just great work. I highly recommend these guys.
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Great professional. Checkout existing door, recommended maintenance to improve performance. I agreed so he accomplished exactly what we agreed to in a very reasonable time for a reasonable cost. I will definitely use them again. Dave
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Quick response and great customer experience. Checked and cleaned unit and did not see any need to replace at this time.
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I was very impressed!! Michael was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. The service was done at a fair price and I'd definitely recommend Acclaim Garage Doors.
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Great Serving from start to finish. My garage door is practically new again. I highly recommend Acclaim Garage Doors. Mike was great!

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Your garage keeps your car and belongings safe from the elements. But a garage door problem only causes inconvenience. When your garage door starts showing signs of wear, turn to Acclaim Garage Doors LLC. We’re a garage door company based in Peoria, serving the surrounding areas. You can count on us for reliable garage door spring replacement, garage door installation, or garage door repair in Peoria, AZ. Give us a call now!

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